"Sports and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled and War Veterans" of the Transcarpathian Regional Center of the Ukrainian Federation of Sports for Disabled with Lesions of the Musculoskeletal System
Europe needs a network of community health centers
health and comprehensive rehabilitation centers to facilitate the provision of medical services to refugees and make their integration easier. Slovakia can become a model workplace. This was the consensus of the participants of the Slovak-Ukrainian roundtable organized in Uzhhorod and Bratislava by the International Association of Physicians in Slovakia and its partners.
The participants agreed that the solution could be to create a European network of public health and comprehensive rehabilitation centers as typical innovation centers with high-tech and high-income jobs for both refugees and residents of countries that provide shelter to Ukrainians. Doctors from Ukraine will provide their services in accordance with local legislation. Even if they are not able to perform the full range of their practice, they will be able to significantly simplify the process of admitting patients to the local health care system, for example, by transferring data from Ukrainian databases or finding out their medical history. In addition, the centers should use the latest knowledge of telemedicine and other innovations.

Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine: "The large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine requires the creation of a full-fledged system of mental health care and psychosocial support. The number of defenders of Ukraine who will need such assistance after the victory is estimated to reach more than 1 million people. And this does not include civilians."
The mission of the Sports and Rehabilitation Center is to fully restore the lost functions of the body and to bring it out of a painful state. If this is not possible, the goal is to partially restore or compensate for the impaired or lost function, restore working capacity or retrain in a rehabilitation center.
Types of rehabilitation performed:
- Medical rehabilitation - restoration of the patient's normal physical condition;
- Psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation;
- Physical culture and sports rehabilitation;
- Social rehabilitation;
- Psychological rehabilitation