Presentation of the project
organised by the International Association of Doctors and Health Professionals in Slovakia to create a mixed Slovak-Ukrainian community of teenagers living in Bratislava and subsequently in other Slovak cities
  • 1.07.2023

  • 30.09.2023

There are currently around 30,000 children from Ukraine in Slovakia, a significant number of whom are in their vulnerable teenage years. Due to Russian aggression, they had to leave their homes, their social ties were broken and they were forced to stop the extracurricular activities they used to do at home. Many of them do not attend school in Slovakia and suffer from social isolation, boredom and feelings of uselessness, which have negative consequences not only for themselves but also for their surroundings and society. Many of them suffer from anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies, and they look for solutions in alcohol and drugs or start to move beyond the boundaries of the law. For this reason, we at MALnS decided to try to help them at least partially in this challenging situation and that is why we are coming up with a new project #Pohybspaja in this way we are trying to fulfil our mission, which is to help the Slovak health system and promote both physical and mental health.
  • Who is this project for
    The project aims to reach both Slovak and Ukrainian teenagers aged 12 to 18, both to motivate them to move and to help them build friendships and develop a local community. All of our activities should be free of charge so that they can be afforded by everyone who is interested. We want to focus on a few main strands within the project, in collaboration with our partner Activity Point, so that everyone can find an activity that suits them best.

    The first one is running, where the successful Ukrainian marathoner Yevhen Burak has promised to take an active part in the project, and he will prepare the children for the Minimarathon in Košice (or another similar event), where we would like to send 10 of the most active participants of the project with the proviso that we would provide and pay for such an opportunity for them. We would like to create an attractive training plan for them where they would be able to track their progress with the help of the STRAVA sports app. Another activity is a Workout in cooperation with the Activity Point platform, where a trainer will be provided for the participants to help them with the right exercises.

    We are also planning hiking activities in the surroundings of the Walk and Talk type where, in addition to moving in nature and getting to know the surroundings, participants will be able to improve their language skills in Slovak or English.

    We want to add other physical activities (skateboarding, cycling, etc.) to our project and create an attractive programme for teenagers in Bratislava with the opportunity to create new social bonds while strengthening their physical condition and health at the same time.
  • Project goals
    The aim of the project is to create a mixed Slovak-Ukrainian community of teenagers living in Bratislava and subsequently in other Slovak cities. . The common feature of this community will be an interest in active movement with the fact that within the project they will have the opportunity to choose what is closest to them and what suits them best.

    The main activities will be running, led by experienced Ukrainian marathoners Yevhen Burak and Alona Kurotova, and outdoor Workout, led by Vladimir Buras, the author of the Activity Point initiative, and his team of trainers.

    Walk and Talk hiking activities, which have a secondary goal of better learning of Slovak and English languages, will take place with the participation of language school teachers. As many young Ukrainians, but unfortunately, also locals, know Bratislava only for its shopping malls, bars, clubs and restaurants, other equally important goals include getting to know Bratislava and its surroundings (e.g. running trails, workout playgrounds, skate parks, cycling routes, etc.) so that the project participants can engage in activities outside the organized meetings.

    Our ambition is to create something that goes beyond the organised project and will work in the long term also on an individual and unorganised basis.
  • Involving volunteers and the community
    The project will involve Ukrainian and Slovak volunteers, supporters and members of our association, and anyone who wants to support our idea. Our aim is to create a completely open project from the point of view of both participants and organizers. Their role will be to lead training and meetings, create training plans, ensure the functioning of the project in the online space, etc. Among the volunteers we would like to name Ukrainian marathoners Yevhen Burak, Oleksiy Fir, Alona Kurotova and Workout Coordinator Vladimir Burash, the author of the Activity Point initiative.
  • The benefit of the project
    The benefit of the project is socialization and active leisure time for teenagers in Bratislava and its surroundings with subsequent expansion to other Slovak cities. Especially young Ukrainians do not know what possibilities they have in this area and where they could realize them. The advantage will also be professional organization using digital tools such as online registration, common groups (telegram chat #Pohybspaja), social networks as well as sports apps (Strava) where it will be possible to track the progress of individual participants.

    Another benefit is the fact that the organizers of the project are both Slovaks and Ukrainians. Also, the materials will be bilingual, so the language barrier for participants will be removed. On the other hand, the project also has the benefit of avoiding negative factors such as alcohol, drugs and crime caused by desocialization and boredom. We want to devote the funds we manage to raise to the further development of the most active participants, either by ensuring their participation in a sporting event (e.g. Minimarathon Košice) or by providing sports equipment, which many lacks.
  • The project is aimed at creating a new Slovak-Ukrainian community of teenagers, whose common interests will be movement and sports. The goal of the project is to create and show opportunities for active leisure in Bratislava and its surroundings.

    Our ambition is to create a project that will continue for a long time even after the end of financial support. Figuratively speaking, we want to give teenagers not a fish, but a fishing rod. In addition to physical health, a significant advantage is also the socialization of Ukrainian youth, which will positively affect their psyche.
  • The project will be professionally organized by a Slovak-Ukrainian team of volunteers and aimed at the same ethnically mixed target group. A lot of things will be bilingual so that it's clear who it's for and everyone can easily participate. We want to devote the funds that we manage to get to the further development of the most active participants, either in the form of ensuring their participation in some sports event (for example, the Košice minimarathon) or by providing sports equipment that many lacks.

    Without financial support, we will not be able to implement this important motivational part of the project, and the overall attractiveness will be significantly reduced.