Orientation and information for refugees from Ukraine in Slovakia
  • Dear Ukrainian friends, welcome to Slovakia!
    We care about your health and want you to feel safe here. The Health Booklet has been created specifically to provide information about health care in Slovakia, orient and direct you to available healthcare services.

    After receiving Temporary Protection status in Slovakia (dočasné útočisko/odídenec), adults have access to emergency and necessary medical care. This also includes medical care that is recommended by a doctor as a result of an examination. Any additional medical services must be paid for at your own expense. Children under 18 years have access to full medical care and services identified by medical specialist must be provided in hospitals free of charge. You have the right to attend any State medical institution or hospital in Slovakia with your Temporary Protection status.

    In addition, the cost of prescribed medicines may be partially or completely covered by the State insurance company. Please be aware that the printed version of the Health Booklet may be out of date due to changes in the Slovak healthcare system.
  • The services, mentioned in this Booklet are organized in the joint coordination of the Government of the Slovak Republic, UN Organizations (IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO), International Organizations and local civil society organizations.
  • What will you find in this Booklet?
    4 --> Health protection entitlement and insurance companies in Slovakia
    8 --> Where and how can I find a doctor?
    9 --> Polyclinics and outpatient clinics for Ukrainians
    12 --> Financial support for healthcare
    13 --> Recognition of Ukrainian medical documents
    14 --> Vaccination
    17 --> Mental health and psychosocial support
    22 --> Women’s health and pregnancy
    27 --> Termination of pregnancy
    27 --> Dental care
    28 --> Oncology
    30 --> HIV and AIDS
    31 --> Disability
    32 --> Help for people who are deaf or mute
    33 --> Rare diseases
    35 --> Language and dictionary
    46 --> Useful phone numbers and links, general information and emergency numbers