The #PohybSpaja project has come to an end

The project lasted from 1.07.2023 to 30.09.2023
;The Ukrainian-Slovak sports and social project #PohybSpaja, which lasted from July 1 to September 30, 2023, is the result of joint efforts and support of various partners:

  • ActivityPoint is an organization that has its own application for finding places for training in Bratislava.
  • iCan School is an accredited language school that promotes cultural exchange and language learning.
  • Nadacia AK - Elena Kurotova's Charitable Foundation for Encouraging the Education of Talented Young People from Abroad
  • USBA is a Ukrainian-Slovak business agency that contributed to the development of our project.
  • Our winners that we celebrated during the #PohybSpaja project:
    Ivan Shikunov, representing running, received a running watch and a chance to go to the marathon in Kosice.
    Violetta and Evgenia, who participate in fitness, were given the opportunity to choose sports clothes at the Double Red store and trick scooters from the sponsor ActivityPoint.

    #PohybSpaja included five different sections of activity:

    1. Running
    Alyona Kurotova, the founder and initiator of the #PohybSpaja project, was an inspiration in the world of running. An experienced ultra-marathoner and coach, Evgeny was always there, providing support during training, teaching the participants the correct physical exercises and running.

    2. Workout
    This idea of uniting through sports activities was carried out even in bad weather, high summer temperatures and cold winds. We express our gratitude to ActivityPoint and its founder Volodymyr for working together in the project, and to Slovak trainers for successful and effective training. By the way, every Wednesday at 19:00 we continue the "Workout" training under the leadership of various trainers. More information at ActivityPoint.

    3. Walk and talk!
    Walks aimed at developing skills in the Slovak language, increasing motor activity in the fresh air and logical thinking while discussing fairy tales or stories about the lives of successful Ukrainians and Slovaks.

    4. Fitness
    The training was conducted under the guidance of instructor Natalia, who became a symbol of support for the girls. She not only showed the correct execution of the exercises, but also gave useful advice, making every Saturday training interesting and memorable.

    5. Discussions
    The discussions motivated the participants to do sports correctly and effectively, expanded their knowledge about physical activity and sports, and also contributed to the improvement of communication skills in the Slovak language.

    Thank you to all participants who actively participated in various aspects of the #PohybSpaja project.