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One of the events of the project #PohybSpaja has come to an end, namely the Running

As part of the #PohybSpaja project, it brought together Ukrainian and Slovak teenagers and children in Slovakia.

The winner of the event was Ivan Shykunov, who earned the opportunity to participate in the jubilee International Peace Marathon in Košice.

We express our gratitude to the coach and experienced ultramarathon runner, Evhen, who was very pleasant in conversation during every training session, provided useful advice and instructions on proper running techniques, demonstrated how to correctly perform physical exercises, and supported every runner.

Participants always ran in any weather and temperature, feeling tired but happy to be able to train! The running took place in the beautiful natural surroundings of Červený most, Železná studnička, and Kamzík. In these natural locations, one can train anytime, even alone!

Last Saturday, the jubilee 100th edition of the International Peace Marathon took place in Košice. The running team from the #PohybSpaja project, including winner Ivan, participated in both the marathon and the children's mini-marathon. Everyone managed to complete the races and received awards in the form of medals and pleasant memories!

Thanks to everyone who participated and improved their physical fitness.