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Obligatory consultation with a paediatrician before starting school in Slovakia

The introduction of compulsory education for all children is being actively discussed in Slovakia. This means that all children will have to have a pediatric certificate before entering school. Parents of children with temporary asylum status should pay special attention to this, as many children living in Slovakia do not yet have family doctors and obtaining such a certificate may be a critical moment for them.

The pediatric certificate before school enrollment includes information about the child's health check as well as immunization status, because immunization information is also a required part of the school enrollment certificate. Parents should contact their pediatrician to obtain this certificate and fill out the necessary forms. This is an important step to ensure the health of children and also to prevent the spread of diseases among school children.

Paediatric Examination Questionnaire (to be completed by the accompanying person from Ukraine before the child is placed in a collective establishment in the Slovak Republic).