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Zelena strecha talk 10.08.2023


Every Thursday at 19:00 we organize free discussions on the topic of #movement in cooperation with partners: ActivityPoint and the AK Foundation.

Venue - Mlynské Nivy, 5th floor, Green roof, «Octago» Workout platform.

In the first discussion, which will take place on August 10, we will have an interesting interview with the founder of ActivityPoint - Vladimír. He will share with us his multifaceted experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and ordinary person who has felt the benefits of movement not only physically, but also mentally.

Topics of discussion will include:
- why it is important to move;
- development of body muscles and "bricks" on the abdomen;
- the importance of improving physical condition.

Video invitation from Vladimir

Together with our partners, we invite you to this event, where we will discuss the important aspects of movement and its impact on the lives of each of us!