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MALnS representatives on SVK / UKR borders

Last weekend 26.02 - 27.02 representatives of the International Association of Doctors in Slovakia visited the Slovak-Ukrainian border to assess the situation on the spot and at the same time bring the first foreign doctors and medical workers who speak Ukrainian or Russian. In addition to border crossings, they also visited the camp in Humenne, for which they also provided Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking doctors. Since the first days after the start of the war, the association launched its own registration of volunteers, where, in addition to medical workers, people who wanted to help in other ways (transport, accommodation, legal assistance, working with children, etc.) also were those who brought to the border a large number of necessary and missing things, such as disinfectants, masks (Putin pushed Covid out of the news, but the virus remained) etc. In today's video, Alena Kurotova told us about the current situation at the border, as well as what awaits us in the near future.

The conclusion is:

There is still a need for doctors and health workers (optimally fluent in Ukrainian or Russian languages) at the border, especially to test incoming refugees for COVID, as well as to treat minor injuries, burns, or to treat symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy. Today, with only women, children and the elderly crossing the border, with long waits and tough journeys (up to several days), there is a real danger that the health of those arriving will continue to deteriorate.

During our visit, we also contacted our partner network of PREVENTION clinics in Uzhgorod to learn first-hand about the situation on the other side of the border. Paradoxically, the last time the polyclinic was visited was three weeks ago, and at that time it was an ultra-modern medical facility. Today, unfortunately, their stockpiles of medicines and supplies will last them only a few days without outside help. Therefore, as an association, we decided to help this particular network of clinics, which today receives and treats a huge number of refugees coming from war zones.

Here is just a basic list of what they urgently need and what we are trying to provide to them:
• antibiotics,
• anaesthetics,
• medical tourniquets,
• antipyretic,
• absorbents,
• dehydrates,
• anticovid remedies,
• covid tests,
• covid protection for doctors,
• dressing material,
• syringes,
• catheter,
• infusion systems,
• gypsum boards,
• sewing material,
• glucose,
• sodium chloride (physical solution),
• medicines for high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhoea.

If you would like to join our volunteers, register here

If you decide to help us financially in our activities, we will be very happy if you transfer funds to our account so that we can contribute to the purchase of the necessary equipment and medicines, as well as the logistics and management of the association. In the case of a larger amount, we will be happy to conclude a donation agreement with you.

Thanks in advance for your input and help

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