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Residential program

In Slovakia, there is a so-called Residential program for first-contact physicians (general practitioners and pediatricians) - Rezidentský program, which is funded by the Slovak Ministry of Health in order to increase their number. Doctors who fulfil a number of conditions can participate in the program: they have graduated from a higher educational institution, are registered in the register of doctors and are not enrolled in an internship. For such doctors, conditions have been created for their training by doctors-curators, who often have their own private practice and are ready to provide an individual approach.

This program could be an ideal place for foreign doctors to start training before the exam, but unfortunately, there is a big obstacle. You can apply for the program only after all the conditions are met, which means after the exam, when a foreign doctor already, in principle, does not need help.

The international association sees in this area opportunities for manoeuvres and improvement of the situation with a shortage of doctors if there was a slight desire of those responsible to solve that.