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"Invisible" pharmacists as the hidden potential of Slovak health care

The year before last, when we changed the name of our association and added the words "and health workers", we then already thought about pharmacists, who are not so much talked about, but without them the whole health care system would not work. Unfortunately, though, the "old urban legend" about salesmen in white coats still prevails in some segments of the population, so it is obvious to us who work in health care (and its problems) that this is far from true, and the potential is much greater.

A pharmacist is often the first professional who meets a patient and can help them solve a minor health problem early on, without having to see (and burden) a doctor. In addition, when dispensing prescription medicines, the pharmacist verifies proper treatment and diagnosis, which in fact, many of us are not even aware of. But that's not all.

According to the amendment to the law č. 362/2011 Z. z. on medicines and medical products, approved last summer, pharmacists will now be able to carry out flu vaccinations to adults directly at the pharmacy, which may help improve the situation in the health care system, especially during the flu season, without placing an additional burden on doctors.

This is just one step, but certainly in the right direction if we are to take as much of the burden as possible off doctors, whose long-term shortages and poor age structure are well known. In the case of pharmacists, the situation is not as critical and not as well represented in the press, but if you open a job portal you will find over 200 job offers for this position.
The problem of the departure of our graduates and older generation specialists to the West (yes, the Czech Republic is not only geographically but often mentally the West for us) is similar to the problem of the entire health care system. As in the case of doctors and nurses, the solution is to integrate pharmacists from third countries into our healthcare system.

We at MALnS have been trying for a long time to do work in the Slovak healthcare sector accessible to professionals from abroad, today mainly from Ukraine, and following doctors and nurses, pharmacists have also emerged and we want to help them to pass the examinations necessary for practicing their profession in Slovakia better and faster. Therefore, as partners of the international project Med-Integro (Erasmus+), we offer pharmacists preparing for additional examinations to attend the 3rd and 4th stage of the Slovak language courses for pharmacists, prepared by the accredited language school iCan in cooperation with Med-Integro s.r.o.. The courses start on February 1, so now is the time to sign up.


P.S. Speaking of exams, the price for pharmacists has remained unchanged at 620€, which is too much for many people, so of course it would be appropriate to lower it, as for doctors, at least to 500€. We hope that competent professionals will think about it.