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Temporary refuge from 01.03.2022

Basic info:

  • Temporary shelter will be provided from March 1 to December 31, 2022. The Government of the Slovak Republic can decide on its early termination or on its extension.
  • Persons to whom the provision of temporary shelter applies are citizens of Ukraine and their family members.
  • It does not apply to those who have permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia (or proceedings are pending), are asylum seekers or have already obtained asylum or supplementary protection.
  • Applicants must provide credible evidence of their identity and Ukrainian citizenship.
  • Applicants can prove their identity, for example, with a valid or invalid travel document, an identity document or by presenting a driver's license together with a birth certificate, or any other document with a photo together with a birth certificate.

Applying for temporary asylum through a Declaration, either:
  • upon entering Slovakia at the police station at the border crossing point,
  • after entering Slovakia at the department of the foreign police responsible for the place where you are staying.
  • For minor children, the declaration is submitted by a legal representative or a guardian appointed by the court; the minor must be present when the declaration is made.

Download Statement ▼

Download Questionnaire of a foreigner applying for temporary asylum▼

After submitting a statement, the police to the applicant:
  • retains a travel document or other identity document and issues a confirmation thereof (documents will be returned upon request after completion of the procedure for granting temporary refuge),
  • we will take fingerprints.
  • If serious reasons do not prevent it, the applicant must appear at the detention camp in Humenno within 24 hours of submitting the statement; the police department issues a transport document valid for 24 hours. If the applicant has secured accommodation, he is not obliged to attend the detention camp.
  • An interview will be conducted to determine whether the applicant meets the conditions for the provision of temporary shelter and will be issued with a foreigner's card requesting the provision of temporary shelter.

  • A decision on the request will be made within 30 days at the latest. In justified cases, this period can be extended by 30 days, even repeatedly.
  • If the request for the provision of temporary shelter is granted, the applicant will be issued a document of tolerated stay with the designation "FOREIGNER".
  • However, if during the procedure the applicant leaves the territory of Slovakia, applies for the granting of asylum or the provision of supplementary protection or is granted temporary or permanent residence, the procedure for the provision of temporary refuge will be stopped.
  • If the applicant is granted temporary refuge, he can work in Slovakia without the need for additional permits.

Employment in the SZPC network:
  • on the basis of the provided document with the mark "DISTRIBUTOR" they can be MUDr. or a sister from UA, admitted to PP.
  • The PZ will be closed until December 31, 2022. The Government of the Slovak Republic can decide on its early termination or on its extension.
  • Defined Position for MUDr as Documentary worker, nurse - Documentary assistant
  • It is necessary to send an information card to UPSVaR within the scope of the entity
  • It is necessary as soon as possible on the part of the employee (UA) to start summarizing the documents for nostrification with MUDr. and Sister (in the event that the Government of the Slovak Republic prematurely terminates the status of "Expatriate")