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Newsletter from the Ministry of Health – Slovak language exam

Good afternoon, dear medical workers!

In recent days, many foreign doctors have received notification from the Ministry of Health about the need to sign up to take the Slovak language proficiency exam. The letter was also received by doctors who successfully passed the qualification exam (doplňujúca skúška).

The International Association of Doctors and Health Workers in Slovakia has requested an official response from the Slovak Ministry of Health because... Many healthcare workers who are members of our association received this letter and were concerned about the requirement to take an additional exam. The Ministry confirmed to us in writing that by passing the qualification exam (doplňujúca skúška) in the Slovak language, the foreigner has fulfilled the requirement of proficiency in the state language to the extent necessary to carry out medical activities; there is no additional requirement to pass an exam on proficiency in the Slovak language.

The requirement to pass the Slovak language proficiency exam applies only to the following categories of foreign doctors:

1. Those foreign doctors from third countries who received nostrification before 2016, that is, did not undergo the procedure of passing the qualification exam.

2. Those foreign doctors who were trained at a university in Slovakia, but not in the Slovak language.

3. Those foreign doctors who have a diploma from another EU country, which is automatically recognized in Slovakia and does not require passing a qualifying exam.